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Latest news, updates and interesting articles about treatments for Anxiety, ADHD, learning disorders, post concussion syndrome and PTSD.

Anxiety Treatment using Infraslow Neurofeedback

Imagine you are walking along the street with 101 things on your mind.  “Did I reply to that email?”, “Did I remember to lock the car?”, “Did I pay that bill?”. You step off the sidewalk to cross the street and a car comes to a screeching halt only inches from you.  Immediately you have goose-bumps, you feel sick to your stomach and you feel that awful adrenaline rush that you’ve felt before. You are lucky to walk away from the near-accident, but you just can’t shift that sick feeling from your stomach. Now imagine feeling like this all the time. 

Can Neurofeedback Effectively Treat ADHD?

Aug 08 2018

In looking for supporting evidence of studies that have been done to measure the effectiveness of Neurofeedback as a treatment for ADHD we came across this nice little summary article. Sadly fully double blinded studies are hard to set up and fund effectively for this type of therapy, but good to see that efforts are being made in that direction.

Researchers Discover How Even Short Periods of Training Improve Learning.

Jul 17 2018

Researchers at the Leibniz-Institutes für Wissensmedien (IWM) and of the Graduate School and Research Network LEAD at the University of Tübingen discovered strengthened neuronal connections between brain regions in adults after only 5 training sessions. The participants performed better in the mathematics tasks and the researchers were able to determine specific structural changes in the brain responsible for the improvement.