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There are no upcoming event scheduled at the moment. But we often hold workshops like the one described below.


Beginner Infraslow Neurofeedback Workshop Agenda:

  • Clinical and technical overview including live demonstrations of Infra-Slow-Fluctuation training and initial hands-on component.
  • Presentation of Pre/Post QEEGs and neuropsychological tests of ISF trained clients with a variety of symptomology and self report including affective disorders, autism, PTSD, ADHD, and insomnia
  • Hands-on training. Please bring your computers and amplifiers. If you don't own a DC coupled amplifier, please don't let that stop you from attending. We will team you up with someone who does.
  • Extensive practice in the use of the ISF software, training student clients, and setting the Optimum Frequency for training.
  • The use of QEEG analysis for assessing ISF candidates, treatment response, and beginning placements.

main presenter

Mark Smith founder of Neurofeedback Therapy Services of New York

Mark Smith, founder and owner of Neurofeedback Therapy Services of New York. In private practice since 2000, Mark is a leading developer, teacher, and clinician of neurofeedback interventions for a variety of disorders. He was the first to use Z-score training in clinical practice. Infra-slow Fluctuation (ISF) training, now a primary intervention in EEG-biofeedback Therapy, was developed by Mark. This type of neurofeedback has had a profound, positive impact on the lives of his clients, as well as, the clients of the hundreds of therapists he has taught in the last several years.


Sharie Woelke of Renewneurotherapy in Ottawa

Sharie Woelke is an occupational therapist and registered psychotherapist who is board certified in neurofeedback. She is the owner and clinical director of Renew Neurotherapy in Ottawa, Ontario. Renew Neurotherapy is an interdisciplinary clinic which employs use of neuromodulation tools such as ISF neurofeedback alongside traditional interventions. Diagnostic populations served by Renew Neurotherapy include PTSD (military and civilian), anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, brain injury (and post concussive disorder), learning disorders, ADHD and more. Sharie brought ISF neurofeedback to her practice in 2014 following observations of significant positive impact in the lives of her military veteran clients. Since then, use of ISF neurofeedback has expanded to all four clinic sites across three cities. Sharie provides both neurofeedback and ISF neurofeedback mentoring and supervision. She has co-presented with Mark Smith (ISF developer) at the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research and has contributed to presentations at the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Sharie has written a series of e-books for brain injury intervention service providers and taught the Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Concussive Syndrome and Neuroplasticity: Tools and Strategies to Promote Recovery workshop throughout the United States from 2015 – 2018. She has developed multiple tools to complement ISF neurofeedback therapy; including the Balanced Brain Points Program and several ISF training tools.

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