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Referring Patients

At Renew Neurotherapy we welcome referrals from GP's and heathcare providers. We have years of experience of partnering with psychologists, physicians, social workers and we welcome new patients. We offer short waiting lists, affordable pricing and effective treatment. Patients receive a client centered multidisciplinary approach drawing on the modalities of psychotherapy, nursing, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

What Sets Renew Apart?

 •    Renew Neurotherapy’s treatment approach is based on the most current neurophysiological research available.  Chosen treatments are customized to the client and have a sound scientific and clinically-based rationale.
• At Renew Neurotherapy our clinicians have a very unique skill set.  We combine occupational therapy, nursing, psychotherapy, specialized learning strategies, biofeedback, neurofeedback and current neurophysiological research to help our clients live a healthy and balanced life.  
• Interdisciplinary collaboration and skill
• At Renew Neurotherapy, we use biofeedback, relaxation strategies, breathing, neuromeditation, body awareness, sensory-motor neuro-rehabilitation, sensory integration, psychotherapeutic and neurofeedback strategies as some of our many clinical tools targeted toward teaching clients to regulate the autonomic nervous system.  
• A unique and intentionally developed clinical skill set that current literature indicates is most effective in advancing rehabilitation success.

    Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) and Biofeedback/Neurofeedback

The American Academy of Pediatrics has rated biofeedback, including neurofeedback as Level 1 (best support) evidence for attention and hyperactivity disorders.  A quickly growing body of literature further supports the use of neurofeedback (also called EEG biofeedback) for diagnoses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders/insomnia, and more.
    Renew Neurotherapy provides Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG)/Brain Mapping and neurofeedback therapy. Our focus is our patient’s brains. In this quickly growing field, we prioritize continuing education and technical skill to ensure that our patients are receiving the best training from a clinician or technician trained in the most current evidence-based techniques, with available support from supervising and consulting psychologists.
    Renew Neurotherapy uses the most technologically advanced software and training techniques available. Renew has the capability of fully customizing training to the patient’s brain and symptoms by training anywhere from 1 – 19 channels. We offer 3-dimensional imaging and training. This allows Renew to train brain networks, as opposed to only specific sites.
•   1 – 19 channel Neurofeedback training
•    Z score Neurofeedback training
•    sLORETA ( 3-dimensional imaging and training)  Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography
•    Amplitude training
•    Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG, or Brain Mapping)
•    Infra Slow Frequency (ISF) neurofeedback training
•    Heart Rate Variability biofeedback training

Mental Health

Occupational therapists and nurses are mandated to provide psychotherapy in the province of Ontario. CRPO announcement.  Renew uses a wide range of psychotherapeutic and occupational therapy-based strategies in order to promote mental balance.  Strategies used include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and awareness building strategies, behavior modification programs, motivational interviewing, activation, executive function, relaxation and stress management training and education, pacing, time management training, and more.

  We collaborate with other health care providers (psychologists, physicians, social workers) to streamline client therapy and ensure best possible support.

Your Diagnoses

Renew Neurotherapy will match your patients with a caring and compassionate clinician trained in the very latest evidence-supported techniques specific to their condition and circumstances. There is a growing body of medical evidence supporting the long term effectiveness of combinations of therapies when treating conditions such as:

> Anxiety

> Depression


> Sleep disorders

> Learning Disorders


> Post Concussion Syndrome

Our clinicians will analyse, and propose a course of treatment tailored specifically to your patient.

Learning Disorders

In partnership with Neurologic Physiotherapy we recently opened a new clinic specifically for the treatment of learning disorders and concussion.  We draw drawing on the disciplines of psychotherapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy and neurofeedback/neuroimaging to optimize success.

If you have a patient that you believe could benefit from the range of treatments on offer at Renew Neurotherapy please contact us at:


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Supervising Psychologist

Supervising Psychologist - Dr Jefferey Phillips



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