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  • Who can online therapy help?

    Online therapy is effective for most people, but can be especially helpful for:
    Those living in remote areas with little to no access to help
    People with limited transportation or mobility issues
    Parents who find it challenging to arrange for child care for themselves, or the scheduling and planning for children’s therapy
    Employees unable to leave work for in-person therapy
    Those with chronic illness or even phobias that keep them in their homes

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Effective Treatment for Mental Health Conditions

Renew Neurotherapy

Attention Deficit (ADHD)

Do you or your child have difficulty maintaining attention, behave impulsively or are hyperactive? Neurofeedback works by training the brain to function at an optimal level. Over time, our brains learn how to overcome the symptoms of ADHD without neurofeedback.

Renew Neurotherapy

Anxiety and Depression

Neurofeedback is a powerful drug free tool for reducing or eliminating anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Neurofeedback works by analyzing and training the part of your brain that controls stress so that it doesn’t overreact to it.

Renew Neurotherapy

(Traumatic Brain Injury)

Post concussion syndrome can have long lasting effects on your quality of life. Neurofeedback balances the brain to calm the nervous system and the pain signals, providing coping mechanisms.

Renew Neurotherapy

Difficulty Sleeping (Insomnia)

Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep can be frustrating and often leads to an unnecessary dependence on medication. Neurofeedback can help resolve sleep problems, even amongst those who have struggled with sleep for years.

Welcome To Renew Neurotherapy

Sharie Woelke co-founder of Renew Neurotherapy

Thank you for your interest in Renew Neurotherapy.

Renew specializes in neurofeedback. Our focus is your brain. You will receive behavioural modification programs such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and awareness building, supported by Neurofeedback training. We focus on results and measure success by how you feel and your ability to engage in your everyday life. What to expect:

  • Highly Trained and Certified Professionals
  • Evidence based techniques such as Infra-Slow Fluctuation training
  • Leading edge technology including 1-19 channel,  3 dimensional imaging neurofeedback
  • Improved brain health

In short, we help you train your brain to overcome your symptoms and improve your quality of life.




How Does Neurofeedback work?