What symptoms, conditions and disorders can Renew Neurotherapy treat
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Symptoms, Conditions and Disorders

At Renew Neurotherapy we successfully treat a wide range of symptoms, conditions and disorders and work with healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines. Scientific research has shown that specific conditions are best assessed using certain tools and and respond better to individualized treatments. Our team are trained in the very latest technology and techniques from the fields of psychotherapy, occupational therapy and neurofeedback.

What makes us different?

We are widely recognized as Eastern Ontario's most respected practitioner of Neurofeedback. In brief, Neurofeedback provides a method to measure a patients brain patterns in up to 19 different regions of the brain, thus providing a comprehensive assessment. Neurofeedback therapy enables patients to re-train their brain to respond differently to the conditions that trigger their symptoms.

Neurofeedback combined with psychotherapy and occupational therapy techniques such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy and sleep hygiene provide a drug free treatment for a wide range of condition and disorders.

Here are a few examples of the conditions we have successfully treated at Renew Neurotherapy:


If you do not see or recognize your area of concern, please feel free to contact us.