Insomnia sleep disorders and trouble sleeping
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Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders



Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

The most common sleep disorders result in lack of sleep, but equally damaging to quality of life can be difficulty waking, sleeping too long, irregular sleep patterns or poor quality of sleep. Needless to say, sleep is extremely important to your physical and emotional wellbeing. If your ability to perform your daily tasks is affected it is probably time you sought out professional help.

Sleep Disorder Symptoms


Insomnia – Difficulty falling asleep; difficulty maintaining sleep during the night
Difficulty waking from sleep
Difficulty getting to bed
Not feeling rested after sleep
Sleeping too long (over 10 hours)
Physically restless sleep
Bedwetting (Nocturnal enuresis)
Restless leg syndrome – Leg discomfort or sleep causing movement & arousal
Bruxism – teeth grinding during sleep
Sleep terrors – Abrupt arousal with intense fear, difficult to awaken, no dream recall or memory of event
Dysregulated sleep patterns/cycles (circadian rhythms)


Treatment for Sleep Disorders

We take a comprehensive approach to helping clients with sleep disorders. We review many different options with clients to help them assess what’s most appropriate for their problem, including techniques such as Neurofeedback and sleep hygiene.

If appropriate, we record an EEG brain map to take a detailed look to see if there’s a specific problem in the brain that is interfering with sleep. Most people can train their brain to sleep well again. The brain regulates sleep. Brainwaves (EEG) clearly reflect changes in sleep stages. Training brainwaves using neurofeedback to increase slow brainwave activity or to increase specific EEG activation patterns helps your brain normalize sleep.

Neurofeedback can help people reduce or eliminate drugs for insomnia and sleep disorders as their brains become more attuned to healthier sleep patterns.

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