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What Treatments Can I Expect at Renew Neurotherapy?


Patients Receive The Optimum Combination of Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy And Neurofeedback.


While Renew Neurotherapy specializes in neurofeedback it is not the only tool in our toolbox. We will match you with a caring and compassionate clinician trained in the very latest evidence-supported techniques specific to your condition and circumstances. There is a growing body of medical evidence supporting the long term effectiveness of combinations of therapies when treating conditions such as Anxiety, ADHD, Sleep disorders and Post Concussion Syndrome. Our clinician will analyze, diagnose and propose a course of treatment tailored specifically to you.

What Sets Renew Neurotherapy Apart?

Latest Technology
Renew has the capability of fully customizing Neurofeed analysis and training to the patient’s brain and specific  symptoms by monitoring anywhere from 1 – 19 channels. We offer both 3-dimensional imaging and training using state of the art software.
Multi Disciplinary Approach
We adapt our treatment to the patient's specific circumstances drawing from the fields of psychotherapy, occupational therapy and biofeedback as required.
Highly Qualified Therapists
In addition to board certified Neurofeedback qualifications our team members come to Renew with Undergraduate and Masters Degrees in such fields as Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, Occupational science, Occupational therapy, Psychology and Nursing. More about Our Team

Renew supports neurofeedback with behaviour modification programs, activation programs, relaxation and stress management education, sleep hygiene, cognitive rehabilitation, pacing and time management, heart rate variability biofeedback, etc., as required. We use cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and awareness building strategies as a component of our functional programs.
As a company based on an Occupational Therapy background and philosophy, Renew prioritizes functional change. We believe that the most important measure of success is how our patients feel and how this impacts their ability to engage in their lives. If our patients are not experiencing a positive change in their life, we adjust our intervention to support their recovery.
We regularly collaborate with other health care providers (psychologists, physicians, social workers, counsellors) to streamline client therapy and ensure the best possible support.






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