Neuromeditation - A method of teaching meditation
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Learn how to meditate using Neuromeditation

Benefits of meditation

Research shows that meditation is beneficial for a range of mental health concerns and that it can significantly change the structure and function of the brain. Yet, despite this knowledge and increased accessibility to meditation training programs, it remains a significant challenge for many individuals to begin and/or maintain a consistent practice.  Meditation for beginners can be challenging and many discontinue their practice before realizing any significant benefits.


NeuroMeditation is the application of brain-based principles to meditative practices.

This method of teaching meditation begins with a scientific understanding of what happens in the brain during different meditative states and why each of these practices might be beneficial for specific individuals.

Through advances in neuroscientific research, we now know a great deal about the effects of meditation on the brain. Because of this, we can now state with great confidence that “all meditations are not created equal.” Different styles of meditation require different ways of paying attention and different intentions; each style involves different activation/deactivation patterns in our neural networks. Based on this knowledge, we can roughly categorize meditation into 4 styles:

  • Focus Meditation: Focus strategies can be very helpful for people struggling with cognitive issues such as attention, working memory, or distractibility
  • Mindfulness Meditation: an ideal match for those struggling with anxiety and/or chronic stress
  • Quiet Mind Meditation : ideal for psychological disorders involving disruptions in a sense of self (disordered identify, illogical perceptions of self) and supports the development of cognitive flexibility
  • Open Heart Meditation: ideally suited as an intervention for depression, grief, and relationship issues; supports the goal of increasing wellbeing and the ability to identify and sustain positive emotions.

NeuroMeditation tools provide teachers and clinicians with the ability to match an individual to the meditative style that will more effectively help them achieve their goals.

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