Return to work/school program|Modified work programs, Ottawa
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Return to work/school programs

Debilitating symptoms can be a barrier to participating in work, school, or even social or community activities.  Once your symptoms are sufficiently improved to allow you to return to the parts of your life that you have lost, your therapist will be able to help you develop a plan for success. 

If, for example, you have stopped attending school due to severe anxiety, your therapist will work with you to begin to manage the anxiety symptoms.  Once you are better able to control your thinking and the physical anxiety response, the therapist will help you to assess the school demands.  What will be easy?  What will be difficult? 

Will you be able to attend for the full day, or should you start with just one or two courses?  Is there a way to modify the course so that you will be better able to manage your symptoms?  Is there a specific subject that will be better to start with? 

Your therapist will work through the school or demands with you and will help you to set up an implement a plan for a return that will allow you the best change for success. 


Our back to work/school programs help clients suffering with a range of symptoms and conditions including:

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