Walk and Talk Therapy

What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Walk and Talk Therapy is counselling or psychotherapy while walking!  Clients set the pace, so we can walk as fast or slow as you like (assuming we can keep up with you!)  Walking can be completed for part, or all of the session.

How can it help me?

Walk and Talk therapy is just therapy while walking instead of therapy in an office setting!  The counselling and psychotherapy component is the same with an added element of relaxation and (often) deeper ability to process the experience in a low pressure setting. 

What if being outside and around people makes me anxious?

It is important to note that some people experience an increase in stress and anxiety when they are outside of the home or around other people.   In these cases, Walk and Talk Therapy can be used as a component of an exposure therapy program.  You can practice your strategies with the support of your therapist during your session.  This helps to transfer the learning from the clinic into your daily life; where you really need it!

What are the benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy?

  1. Exercise has been proven to manage symptoms to depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other health concerns
  2. Research shows that movement/exercise has a positive impact on brain function and the ability to learn
  3. Time in nature has been shown to be relaxing and allow for improved mood
  4. Walking therapy can reduce some of the feeling of pressure that is encountered during in-office session.  Talking in a face-to-face setting can cause anxiety for some clients, but walking next to each other allows for a more relaxing interaction and often results in deeper engagement.
  5. Walk and Talk therapy doesn’t always have to involve a lot of talking!  It is an excellent opportunity to work with your therapist to rehearse and develop mindful awareness skills.  (Learning to step under your brain’s racing thoughts and exist in the moment.)  
  6. Walk and Talk therapy can be used as a part of your exposure therapy program!