HuffPost: 2020 Was Relentless For Parents. In 2021, It’s Time To Put Ourselves First.

As parents having experienced an unprecedented year of working and parenting, we at Renew Neurotherapy found this article from the Huffington Post “2020 Was Relentless For Parents. In 2021, It’s Time To Put Ourselves First” full of simple strategies to take care of ourselves first.

“The only two things humans really have control over are our own thoughts and our own choices,” Kate Kripke, a clinical social worker and founder of Colorado’s Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder.

As we head into 2021, she urges parents to try to slow down and focus inward. Acknowledge that there are huge stressors right now that we simply cannot control. The pandemic is stressful. The trick is for us to find ways to acknowledge that while also asking ourselves, “What are the thoughts and choices I can make that are simple and easy that make it more likely I’m going to start feeling ‘better’?”

Click here to discover four easy resolutions that you can implement to help you gain back your sense of self and feel better.

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