Careers at Renew

Renew Neurotherapy is searching for clinicians to join our team!

We have ongoing openings for clinicians who are members of the six professions able to practice psychotherapy in the province of Ontario.  (Registered psychotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, registered nurses, physicians)

Top 10 reasons to choose Renew...

  1. Flexible work hours at your discretion
  2. We encourage and support caseload development that is consistent with your interests and skills
  3. Competitive pay
  4. Mentoring and career development support
  5. Welcoming and supportive team
  6. Meaningful work (make a difference in the lives of your clients)
  7. Therapy can be provided to clients virtually or in-person, allowing you to live and work from anywhere, provided that you are registered to practice and insured in Ontario
  8. We invite you to be an integral part of clinic development. We need your skills, ideas, and energy to create the best practice we can build!
  9. We recognize the importance of family (including elder and childcare). Our practice encourages you to prioritize the most important people in your life.
  10. Workplace culture that values life-balance. As clinicians, we try to practice what we preach!  Self-care and life-balance not only make us happier and healthier people, they make us better therapists.

About Renew...

Renew Neurotherapy is an interdisciplinary community and clinic-based counselling and rehabilitation practice.  Services are provided in person in Eastern and Northeastern Ontario, and online, throughout the province of Ontario.  Physical clinics are based in Ottawa, Pembroke and North Bay; however, a large portion of caseload is community-based and online. 

At Renew, our goal is to help our clients feel better, faster! We value empathy and kindness in our therapy team. We are client-focused, non-judgmental, and offer a supportive stress-free environment. We use comprehensive brain-based, science-supported therapies, techniques and resources customized to promote client recovery.

We use a neuroscience foundation to understand, explain and address mental health, learning, pain and behavioural issues. Our primary areas of practice include:

  • Mental health support
  • Brain injury and concussion rehabilitation
  • Complex pain
  • Learning disorders support
  • Sleep regulation
  • ADL/IADL (life skills development)
  • Neurofeedback therapy

Uniquely, Renew Neurotherapy incorporates research-based neuromodulation techniques (neurofeedback) alongside traditional interventions to maximize client recovery.


  • Hourly compensation is competitive and determined based on experience and compared against industry standard.
  • Hourly and independent contractor models are both available to meet your unique needs.

Application Process

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume to Kevin George at or contact us via telephone at (613) 809-8265.

What do our therapists say about Renew?

“I love the people, I work with, everyone is so helpful and so compassionate, but it’s not just the people that are great, the workload is awesome too. I have flexibility with my schedule which is amazing, and I get to carry a caseload that I truly enjoy.” 

“Very supportive and helpful team. I truly enjoy coming to work every day and working with everyone.” 

“My favourite thing about working at Renew is the team. Everyone is collaborative, ready to provide guidance/assistance when needed, and fun to work with! You will always feel supported.” 

“Working with Renew straight out of school proved to be a smart decision! I have a good balance of autonomy and support when needed. The small team atmosphere is great!” 

“Favorite place of everywhere I have worked. Personal, friendly, supportive, and caring group of people to work with. Excellent professional skills and development opportunities.” 

“My bosses (Sharie and Kevin) are amazing and actually want you to succeed and be happy, so they help you to reach your goals time and time again by offering resources, meetings, mentoring, etc., and they help you grow as a professional.  It’s the most supportive workplace I have ever worked in. They always make me feel like a valued team member.”

“Being a new therapist can be intimidating, however, the team at Renew provides amazing support through supervision, team meetings, continuing education (a ton of it!), and drop-in chats. With clinics in three locations, some of my colleagues are close, and some are further away, however, I never feel disconnected!”

Have Questions? We are here to help.