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How We Help

At Renew, our therapists support kids, teens and families by working with kids and teens to achieve their full potential and helping families learn how to provide the support their child needs.

We Support You in the Following Ways

Supporting emotional health:

  • Stress management
  • Regulating emotions and emotional management
  • Regulating and modifying behaviours

Maximizing success at school:

  • Study skills
  • Handwriting
  • Using technology
  • Organization and planning strategies
  • Self-advocacy
  • Learning how to make friends and socially connect with other kids
  • Regulating emotions
  • Managing exam stress
  • …and more

Learning how to be independent with daily activities:

Supporting kids:

  • Learning how to get dressed
  • Feed themselves
  • Make small snacks
  • Contribute to the family and gain confidence by doing chores
  • Connect with and play with other kids
  • …and more

Supporting teens:

  • Learn tasks to get ready for independent living;
  • Organizing their own schedule
  • Getting to school, work and activities on time
  • Learning how to do and plan daily tasks like cooking and cleaning
  • Learning how to prioritize activities
  • Engaging in social activities and hobbies
  • …and more

Working with family members to understand the best way to support their child:

  • Providing education
  • Helping structure and support concrete plans
  • Creating weekly goals
  • Building collaborative communication skills
  • …and more
Your therapist will work with you to customize a plan and approach that best meets the needs of your child family, and unique life circumstances.

How Can Renew Help?