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Rehabilitation assistant

What Do Mental Health/Learning Coaches (Rehabilitation Assistants) Do?

At Renew, mental health and learning coaches implement therapy programs designed by occupational therapists, psychotherapists, or other regulated health care providers. They help clients implement and integrate therapy tools and strategies (recommended by their therapists) into daily activities and routines. Coaches and RAs are a cost-effective resource for mental health support, learning skills support, cognitive and executive function support, brain injury rehabilitation, even sleep therapy!  RAs can work in the clinic or in the community, and have a very practical, real-life focus.

At Renew, a regulated provider completes an initial assessment to get to know you and your needs, then prescribes and supervises a therapy program that our experienced and trained mental health and learning coaches carry out with you.  This allows you to access necessary and high quality support in a cost-managed way. 


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