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Mental Health Support

Our mental health support services help those with symptoms relating to anxiety, depression, PTSD, complex PTSD and panic disorders.

Complex Pain

Complex pain includes orthopedic injuries, fibromyalgia, back pain, chronic pain, and arthritis.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep problems that result in lack of sleep including symptoms such as difficulty waking, sleeping too long, and irregular sleep patterns.

Learning Disorders

Learning disorders relating to difficulty in reading, writing, communicating, interpreting visual information and using fine motor skills.


At Renew Neurotherapy we successfully treat a wide range of symptoms, conditions and disorders and work with healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines. Scientific research has shown that specific conditions are best assessed using certain tools and respond better to individualized treatments. Our team are trained in the very latest technology and techniques from the fields of psychotherapy, occupational therapy and neurofeedback.


Neurofeedback combined with psychotherapy and occupational therapy techniques such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy and sleep hygiene provide a drug-free treatment for a wide range of condition and disorders.

Explore our areas of practice above to learn more about the various conditions and symptoms that we treat at Renew Neurotherapy.